Healing trauma can be a difficult road, but not impossible.


Delivering evidence-based treatment for PTSD and trauma

Your Journey
Toward Healing

Trauma CounselingTrauma Counseling is a therapy practice that focuses on treatment of traumatic events that can hinder your emotions, relationships, values, and living your full potential.

Your Trauma

Trauma CounselingThrough various modalities the goal is to aid in management of traumatic events, to decrease the interruption to your daily life. Develop skills and tools to increase your resiliency.


Trauma CounselingThe practice excels at an outcome-based approach through competency in individual client-centered practices, incorporating evidence-based therapy modalities, and experience with a diverse range of trauma clientele.

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This program targets Trauma and PTSD symptoms that range from, but are not limited to: hypervigilance, identity barriers, anxiety, depression, flashbacks, dissociation, interpersonal barriers, panic attacks, feelings of isolation, and difficulty sleeping.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • PTSD

Client Focus

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We provide client centered care and have a behavioral focused approach, thoughts and feelings can change through changing behaviors. We feel that the client-therapist relationship should be teamwork and that teamwork is the solid foundation to getting the client to achieve their goals.

Trauma Counseling Testimonials:

"I love the way Allison approaches therapy, it's very individualized and tailored to my needs. She pushes me to make the changes that align with where I want to be in my everyday life"
-Patient K

"I couldn't imagine where my life would be without this therapy. It has helped me overcome so many things with my trauma experiences and PTSD"
-Patient A

"One of the therapies is exposure therapy, which I had never heard of until I came to trauma counseling, some of my exposures are really difficult to get through, but it has helped so much with decreasing my anxiety and triggers, and helping my overall mood"
-Patient C

"There's really a sense of teamwork and inclusion when coming to sessions to achieve my goals."
-Patient Z